“Avtooyna” company launched the production of new types of car windscreens

Автомобильное стекло

«Avtooyna» company, located in Ferghana valley, upgraded its capacity by introducing the manufacture of new geometrically complex car window glass. The modern equipment installed at the plant allowed to considerably improve the technological process, including cutting, laminating and hardening of the glass for car windows. Now the plant can increase its production from 200,000 to 270,000 items a year.

The company supplies such enterprises of local automotive industry as GM Uzbekistan, JV Man Auto-Uzbekistan, Uz Case Tractor, Tashkent tractor plant, SamAuto. Today «Avtooyna» manufactures two main types of glass: triplex for windscreens and stalinit – hardened sheet glass used in manufacture of side and rear car windows. Before being delivered to the customers, all the glass materials undergo preliminary tests in special laboratory of the plant.