Hyundai Starex

Hyundai Starex
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Hyundai Starex minibus, whose well thought-out modern design matches comfortable, technically equipped interior, proved itself as an ideal vehicle both on suburban highways and city streets. The key advantages of Hyundai Starex are excellent riding qualities and high level of comfort.

In the passenger cabin of this Korean minivan there is everything to make passengers feel comfortable. Its interior is not worse than that of a modern luxury car: quality velour trim, large comfortable seats with heating, panoramic side windows, audio system.

The minibus is big enough to accommodate both passengers and their luggage. The third row seats can be folded thus providing additional space. The second row seats are rotating which is very convenient in case you need to conduct negotiations inside the bus.

Due to high ride and 4WD system Hyundai Starex demonstrates good off-road qualities where road lacks paving. On highways the all-wheel drive is deactivated and the minibus displays dynamics, maneuverability and good road grip. Driving in the city, where traffic is heavy and there is scarcity of road space, the dimensions of a vehicle really matters. Among various minibus models, Hyundai Starex has the most optimum dimensions and turn diameter. The minibus is equipped with air bags, anti-lock system (ABS); its body structure is strong and reliable.

Passenger seat capacity: 11 (meant for 5 tourists)
Luggage compartment capacity: minimum – 364 L, with folded rear seats – 3300 L
CD-player +
AC +
FM-radio +