Tyres are to be manufactured in Angren

В Ангрене будут производить шины

The Chinese company CITIC Ltd signed the contract with the state stock company “Uzkimesanoat” on construction in Angren (Tashkent province) of a plant manufacturing tyres.

Under the contract the Chinese party is to design and deliver the equipment on “turn-key” basis for the construction of the enterprise with the total capacity of 1.5 million car tyres, 200,000 farm machinery tyres, and 100,000 running metres of conveyer belt for harvesting machinery.

So far Uzbekistan hasn’t had tyres manufacturing enterprises and the product has been imported from CIS countries and China. The new plant is meant first of all to satisfy the needs of GM Uzbekistan joint venture located in Asaka, Andijan Province, and Samarkand Automobile Plant.